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Locomotor MultiLift Hoist


Conventional Hoist 
For non weight bearing patients the MULTI-LIFT can be used as a conventional hoist with the added benefit of having a shin pad to protect patients legs and to prevent swinging whilst being manoeuvred.
A simple release mechanism allows the hoist head to be changed for the Stander attachment (no tools required – handling weight only 5kg).
In this mode patients can be raised to allow for toileting, washing and dressing or simply to move from one seated position to another.
WEIGHT CAPACITY - 160kg (25.1st)

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Our Price: £1,449.00
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New Invacare 350 Stand Assist Stand Aid


The Invacare 350 Stand Assist is a versatile stand aid which makes assisted transfers easy, safe and comfortable for both patient and carer. Its ergonomic design means that moving patients no longer needs to carry the risk of injury, nor require more than one carer at a time, while the wide range of features offers an extremely flexible lifting solution for most care situations.

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List Price: £995.00
Our Price: £690.00
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New Rotastand Compact


The Rotastand compact combines all the benefits of the rotastand and the rotastand solo in to one product with the added value of being lightweight! and affordable.
This rotastand is easy to lift only weighing only 10kg and is very easy to store and transport as this lightweight rotastand folds down making it so the carer can carry it with ease.
WEIGHT LIMIT - 200kg (31.4st)

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Our Price: £249.00
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Refurbished Ergolet Pallas 2000 Standaid


Battery operated toileting and standing hoist comprising: 'H' shaped adjustable width chassis operated by foot; four castors, two braked; footplate; knee support; 'U' shaped upright spreader bar for sling attachment; two push handles; push-button controls; emergency lower; low battery indicator. Also suitable for use as walking trainer frame. Dismantles into four parts.

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List Price: £2,200.00
Our Price: £595.00
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The Rota Stand is a breakthrough in reducing strain on both patient and carer and promotes safer patient handling. Developed to allow easy pivoting and assisted transfers from one seated position to another, the frame, shin pad and turn table combine to give optimum safety during the transfer. The unique design of the central wheels allows the Rota Stand to be rolled up to the patient or client after their feet have been positioned on the product.
Our Price: £229.00
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Rotastand Solo


The Rota Stand...Solo revolutionises the sit to stand and pivot transfers. The patented T-Bar mechanism in the base means that transfers can be carried out by a single nurse or carer, halving the staff costs and reducing the time taken to carry out the task during day to day routines.
Our Price: £239.00
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