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Agecare's Guide to Choosing the Right
Electric Profiling Bed

Profiling beds offer excellent physical support, and offer many benefits to both the user and their caregiver’s. In particular, the use of electric profiling beds over the standard hydraulic bed can significantly enhance a user’s quality of life and reduce the risk of handling injuries to carers. Their use has also proven to reduce pressure injury, reduce muscle wastage and improve lung function.

Government Health Services actively promote the use of electric profiling beds within the healthcare and community support environments, click here to read their article highlighting the many benefits.

As you undoubtedly  know, there is a vast range of profiling beds available on the market today. Therefore, selecting one that best caters to your needs can become more complex than it needs to be. In this guide, we at Agecare aim to help you make the right purchase for you individual needs.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Profiling Bed

  • Electric controls
  • Bed height
  • Maximum weight capacity
  • Accessibility
  • Mobility of user 

Standard Electric Profiling Beds

A standard profiling bed (such as our Invacare Accent and Casa Med Classic models) is suitable for users of average weight with the ability to transfer from a standing to seating position unaided.

The base is made up of a four-section platform to allow adjustment at the lower back, hips and knees. Standard models also feature four braked caster wheels and side rails for additional security.

Additional extras are often available to suit specific needs.


Low Profiling Beds

A ‘Low’ profile bed (such as our Medley Ergo Low and Casa Med Classic FS Low models) specifically suits users who may experience difficulty transferring between standing to sitting unaided, or for users who are particularly prone to falls out of bed. In these cases, Low profiling beds are often the safest option as they reduce the risk of injury from a fall while resting or sleeping. The Low frame is also ideal for those users who suffer weakness in their hips and knees by reducing strain when getting into and out of bed.

Our premium Low profile bed, the Woburn Ultra Low Profiling Bed, lowers to just 67mm above floor level and features a higher quality specification than other standard models.


Bariatric Profiling Beds

For larger users, a Bariatric profiling bed (such as our Casa Med Bariatric with Side Rails) provides the durability and stability required to accommodate a higher weight capacity, usually up to approximately  45 stone. For larger users prone to falls from bed or those that suffer joint weakness, the necessary Bariatric profile bed can be combined with the benefits of a Low model (Casa Med Bariatric Low) for optimum comfort and security.


Rotating Chair Profiling Beds

For those users with extremely limited mobility, Rotating Chair beds (like our Apollo Saturn Rotate) offer the best support for movement between sitting and standing. Part of the mattress separates from the main body of the bed to form a chair that can both rotate and tilt.



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