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Carilex Summit Mattress Replacement System
Carilex Summit Mattress Replacement System
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Fully automatic anti-decubitus mattress replacement system equipped with automatic uipright sensor and battery backup. Suitable for high risk and bariatric patients up to Stage IV.

Summit is the most advance in automatic anti-decubitus pressure relief system that is equipped with patented Self Monitoring Automatic Air Regulating Technology (S.M.A.R.T.) and Intelligent Pressure Sensing (I.P.S.) technology. This system is made with the highest quality material, which is durable and reliable for acute care, hospital including ICU environments, nursing and care home.

The Future of Pressure Ulcer Management
Self Monitoring Automatic Air Regulating Technology (S.M.A.R.T.)

Smart and advance technology that is not found in competing products. It is the future of pressure ulcer management.
Maintains the optimal internal pressure by using seperate electronic pressure sensors and sophisticated micro-processing algorithms to determine the patient load on the mattress surface.
Automatically monitors and regulates the internal pressure to continuously optimize the patient's pressure relief and comfort.
Relief pressure and provides step-less internal pressure adjustment. Uses the mattress asa direct sensor pad, which eliminates the need for extra underlying sensor pad.
Treat and prevent pressure ulcer for standard and bariatric patients up to Stage IV.


Summit Power Unit with IPS Technology

Battery Backup
Advance power detection sensor automatically activates battery backup in the event of main power failure and allows treatment to continue uninterrupted during patient transportation and examination.

Automatic Upright Function
Integrated upright sensor. Quickly and automatically detects when bed is articulating and provides additional mattress support to prevent patient from bottoming out.

Large Graphic Display
3-inch blue LCD display provides clear and easy-to-read screen for all users.

5 User Interface Languages
English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Displays total operating time.

Fast Initial Inflation
Initial inflation time around 10 to 20 minutes, varies by mattress size.

Visual/Audible Alarms

Indicate when low pressure or low battery, which includes mute function.

Panel Lock Button
Locks control panel and prevents tampering.

Elegant Design
Ultra quiet, simple and attractive on the outside; highly sophisticated technology packed on the inside.

Secure Hanger
Easy to use hanger hooks on the back of the power unit, securely hangs the unit on the bed frame.

Integrated Air Filter
Use to enhance system durability and sustainability.

Hose Connection Detector with CPR Function
Automatically detects hose connection and use for CPR function, which rapidly deflates the entire mattress in case of emergency.

Memory Recall
Returns system to previous settings when the system is turned on after disconnect or when returning from standby mode.

Summit Mattress

Twenty Individual 8-inch High Square Air Cells provide superior immersion for pressure relief and therapy, combined with a sealed 2-inch air pad base for added protection in case of power outage.

Square Air Cell Design provides added comfort and pressure redistribution while patient is lying down and gives additional safety and security for egress/ingress.

Weight Capacity for patients up to 300kg (47st)

Modular Air Cell Construction for easy cleaning, repair and replacement.

Zoned System includes static head section for extra relief and specialized air cells in heel section for comfort and superior pressure redistribution.

Cross Contamination Prevention through enhanced mattress base.

Unique Directional Snaps connect air cells to mattress base, which delivers increased structural stability and safety, and prevents air cells from accidentally detaching and deflating.

Securely Fastened protected zipper makes coverlet easy to remove for laundering and replacement.

Dartex Coverlet with 4-way stretch to minimize shear forces. Waterproof, vapour-permeable, fire-retardant, antibacterial and anti-fungal coated coverlet.

Convenient Transport Plug allows mattress to stay inflated for approximately two hours after being detached from power unit (intended only for transport purposes).

Available in 120cm Wide or 90cm Standard width models.


Power Consumption: Max 30W
Power Unit Dimensions: 37.5x32x18.5cm - 8kg
Mattress Dimensions Standard Model (inflated): 200x90x23cm
Mattress Dimensions Wide Model (inflated): 200x120x23cm
Mattress Weight 10kg
Maximum Weight Capacity 300kg/47st
Power Unit is not AP/APG protected
Power Unit Material: ABS Fire Retardant UL
Air Cell Material: 100% Nylon with TPU lamination
Coverlet: Dartex


List Price: £4,400.00
Our Price: £1,995.00
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